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iCreate Skill Competition.

The iCreate Skill Competition is a platform that promotes skill excellence, showcases skills standards and careers, demonstrates benchmarks of excellence in teaching and learning, and create interest for public sector agencies, private organizations, and individuals to invest in skills development. Through the iCreate Skill Competitions, we promote the value of technical skills by creating an experience that appeals to young people to get involved in technical skill trades.
The iCreate Skill Competition is hosted annually across the continent. Regional or state competitions serve as pre-qualifiers to a national competition, connecting skilled professionals across Africa with industries and organizations who understand that engaging youths is the best strategy for addressing labor challenge. The skill competition is held across the following industries; Construction & Building Technology, Creative Art & Fashion, ICT, Manufacturing, and Engineering Technology, Agriculture & Hospitality.
Emerging winners becomes Africa Skill champions and serve as role models and inspiration to other youths.

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Turning Passion to profession.

Skills are the bedrock for driving economic growth, promoting employability, reducing unemployment and poverty.
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What we do

iCreate Skill Hub and
Training Centres

iCreate Africa identifies the need to create safe spaces for youth to dispense their energies productively providing the infrastructure, tools, and environment that promotes creativity and collaboration amongst young creatives.
Our Skill Hubs, Skill Parks and Training Centres incorporate co-working spaces, training facility, event & entertainment center. The iCreate Skill Hubs also serve as a one-stop shop for skill services in the community where it is located.

Our Partners

Global Partners see a role for industry, education, government, and policy makers to work together to raise the profile and recognition of skilled professionals around the globe. Together we are increasing the abilities, status, and economic prospects of young people.

Skill Champions Network

The iCreate Skill Champions are the true ambassadors of iCreate Africa and the work we stand for. The Skill Champions that emerged from our skill competitions portray how we want to see the future of this country: dynamic, skilled and responsible. The Skill Champions are important for the society to relate with our mission of upgrading the profile of skilled professionals; it is the iCreate Skill Champions that give our campaign a face and tell our success stories.
The Skill Champions not only represent the organization and our affiliated partners who have signed our Skill Champions as their own Brand Ambassadors but also represent the vocational profession they champion in. Headed by our leading skilled professionals, we expand our awareness campaign to communities and schools to transform entire settings and teach the power of skills. It is the network of Champions that drive the new narrative.


Road Map

Skill champions branding & publicity
Skill champions branding & publicity
19 - 20th April
Northern Regional Competition, Kaduna
19 - 20th July
South-Eastern Regional Competition, Enugu
Skill hub launch
World Skills Kazan participation
November launch
Skill Park acquisition and construction
05 - 06th December
South-Western Regional Competition, Lagos/National Competition
iCreate Skill Competion

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