Welcome to iCreate Africa

Empowering African Youth with Skills and Jobs.

iCreate Africa.

A beacon of hope and innovation in the African continent, dedicated to uplifting young people through skill development and employment.

Founded in 2017 by the visionary Nigerian entrepreneur and social innovator Bright Jaja, iCreate Africa is a vibrant social enterprise championing youth skill education and training across the continent. Witnessing first-hand the struggles young Africans face in skill development and employment, Jaja's vision for iCreate Africa was born. Today, we stand as a beacon of hope, commitment, and change, dedicated to uplifting the youth and transforming communities.

Our Vision & Mission

    Vision: A world where every young person in Africa has access and opportunity to hone their skills and achieve their fullest potential. Mission: Empowering the youth through education and training in technical and vocational skills, ensuring they are workforce-ready and poised for success.

Core Values

Addressing the Challenge

The Problem: With over 400 million people under 15, Africa's youth population is soaring. However, this demographic faces a staggering unemployment rate, with over 110 million young Africans out of work. The skills gap is evident as employers struggle to find qualified workers, and vocational skills are undervalued in the societal and educational spheres.

The iCreate Solution: We are here to turn the tide. Through extensive training programs, apprenticeship opportunities, and entrepreneurship courses, iCreate Africa is the catalyst young people need. Our approach is hands-on, our commitment is unwavering, and our results speak volumes.

Goals and Objectives.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Providing vital training and resources for workforce success

Promoting Skills Education

Elevating the status of technical and vocational training.

Empowering Communities People

Encouraging self-sufficiency and community development among the youth.

Committed to transparency: