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iCreate Africa is raising the profile and recognition of skilled professionals by rebranding and projecting the value of skills in the mainstream while preparing youths for skills of the future.


iCreate Africa is a hub for skill excellence and development.

Our mandate as a social enterprise is to prioritize technical skills as a global currency and a tool that empowers citizens to create sustainable and inclusive economies.
Our focus is to address the societal perception affecting youth participation in technical skills by rebranding technical skills, uplifting the profiles of skilled professionals and projecting skills in the mainstream.

Upcoming event

iCreate Regional Skill Competition Lagos State

04 - 05th December 2019 at 8:00 AM
Lagos State

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Skill Competition

The Olympics of Skills, iCreate Skills Competition is an annual Technical & Vocational Skill Competition, which promotes
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Our society is depending on people who are willing to „help out“ or „lending a hand“. To volunteer means to give away your most
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Partnership and Sponsorship

Our work not only impacts the lives and futures of the youth we serve but because of their success stories, our community benefits economically and socially.
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Since its establishment in 2016, iCreate Africa has been focusing on Skill management & implementation through global cooperation & partners.
iCreate Skill Competition
The iCreate Skill Competition is a platform that promotes skill excellence,
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iCreate Skill Hub
iCreate Africa identifies the need to create safe spaces for youth to dispense
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iCreate Skill Pro App
The iCreate Skill Pro App is an online application that helps users and clients
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Skill Champion Network
Skill The Community aims to empower grassroots communities by showing the relevance of technical skills.
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Featured Projects

Upcoming iCreate Skills Competition


Kaduna Skill Competition

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Enugu Skill Competition

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Lagos Skill Competition

December 04 – 05, 2019
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Our Partners

Global Partners see a role for industry, education, government, and policy makers to work together to raise the profile and recognition of skilled professionals around the globe. Together we are increasing the abilities, status, and economic prospects of young people.

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