The Exhibition is in two streams which, respectively, afford multinational and indigenous companies the opportunity to showcase the quality and diversity of their products and services, while creating an enabling environment for young people, aged 10 to 28, to explore a wide range of career opportunities that will inspire informed decision about future vocational prospects.

ICREATE AFRICA YOUTH FORUM – A platform for young professionals around Africa to deliberate and proffer solutions affecting skill development, education and the future workforce. This is a unique opportunity for young professionals to shapen the future of skills in Africa. 300 Young professionals across Africa, Aged 17- 32 will participate in an online forum sharing their opinions, research and personal experiences on the following topics – Innovation, Industrialization, Entrepreneurship, Green Economy, Global Citizenship & Happiness and Tolerance. They will be supported by professional facilitators and mentors on the selected topics.

After the online collaboration and deliberation, participants will converge during the live forum, where they will get insight from leading expert in a variety of skills as well as the TVET ecosystem, they will then participate in workshops and breakout sessions to finalize the youth declaration.