The Skill Competition will see the most talented technicians, artisans and innovators around Nigeria showcasing skill excellence and competing in the following skill sectors: Brick Laying. Plumbing, Carpentry, Tiling, Tailoring, Art, Hair Dressing, Make-up, Website Design, App Development, Animation, Robotics, Cooking & Photography for internship opportunities with top organisations, cash prizes, and investment opportunities.

Just like the Olympics, the Skill Competition is designed to showcase skill excellence creating an opportunity for young people to display their skills and get acknowledgement and credit for it. The Skill Competition will feature the following: Photography, Chef, Waiters/Waitress, Mixology, Tailoring, Jewellery Making, Make-up, Hairdressing, Leatherwork, Painting, Sculpting, Graphics Design, 3D Animation, Website Development, App Development, Tiling, Carpentry, Welders, Florist, Mechanics and Robotics.