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An ode to each member of the iCreate Team by Progress Oberiko. (P.s watch out for the skills)

The world was lacking nothing when I rested on the seventh day. Why then do you call upon me to do this and that, when you have a world filled with creators? Did not I breathe my breath into you? Why is your wisdom left unexplored?

A BRIGHT future I have put before you! Need I remind you? I used only two words as I CREATE-D; Remember I only said let DEBBIE, and there was! Why then do you find it difficult TO-BI who I have created you to be?

From mere KLAZE I formed you, molded you into the form of a man and breathed my own breathe into you, and at once you became man, and not a ROBOT, you are a god!

Why then do you downplay skills, when I, the master-crafter, am the Father of skills!

I was an Electrician when I commanded light to be,

A plumber when I separated the land from the sea,
A sculptor when I molded you from mere KLAZE;

With the tip of my fingers I painstakingly carved you, you are a graphical reflection of me.
As a photographer, your existence is not from photoshop, I made you in my own image and likeness and you are the apple of my eyes.

A fashion-designer, when I made coats of skin and clothed Adam and Eve (Gen 3:21), and remember, I have clothed you with broidered work, and shod you with badgers’ skin, and I girded you about with fine linen, and I covered you with silk. (Ezekiel 16:10)

No one compares my skills in barbing because I am the only barber who knows number of hairs on your head, I cause them to grow!(Luke 12:1).

Have you ever wondered why I chose a carpenter to be the earthly father of my only begotten son? Why not a Banker?

Did you think I did not know how sumptuous the combination of bread and fish would be? Why do you think I multiplied it for the crowd? Have you forgotten how I rained bread from heaven in the wilderness when there was no means of survival? Now tell me who’s the first CHEF? (Matt 14: 15-21), (Exodus 16:4).

Now tell me, who’s the master of skills?

Do you think I was teasing when I said “You can do even more works than I have done”? C’mon, I am not a TIZA.

A young man stood up and said: But I can’t cook, I can’t draw, paint, barb, neither do I have any clue in carpentry, all the skills are taken. And He turned to him and said: “No NEJO, in you I have deposited an unalloyed ingenuity, pick up a laptop and you’ll discover what you can do!

And to the rest of you, there’s a skill, that you can do so well, could be more than ONE THOUGH ,(NWANDO). It is there, look inward, I need you to start now, develop it, build it and use it. You know why? Because SKILLS CHANGE LIVES!!!

iCreate Africa

Skills Change Lives

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